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Sakuntala Trio

Sakuntala Trio

Sakuntala Trio is a period instrument ensemble based in London, deriving its name from the unfinished opera by Franz Schubert. Like the opera, the string trio D471 has been left unfinished by the composer at the age of 19. Read more ➤

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In conversation: Amanda Babington

In conversation: Amanda Babington

Amanda Babington is a musette player, baroque violinist and recorder player. She has played and recorded with period-instrument ensembles across the UK and Europe as well as chamber ensembles AB24, Four’s Company, and Aberdeen Early Music Collective.

🔗Amanda Babington

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Walking along a deserted windswept beach or hill, preferably with a swim en route.

What is your superpower?

According to my husband, the ability to get 25 hours’ of activity into one day!

What is it that you most dislike?

Moths. Totally irrational I know but their flapping terrifies me!

Could you describe in a few words what’s so special about early music concerts?

I have always loved history and so find it really exciting that in early music we are able to bring to life aurally a part of life experienced in the past and long-forgotten. Many period instruments have unique timbres too, which I find really stimulate my listening.

What is your earliest musical memory?

Playing Baa Baa Black Sheep (solo, age 5) on the recorder to the rest of my primary 1 class.

Who is your favorite composer, and why?

Jean-Baptiste Lully. By all accounts a bit of a bully but his music is bonkers and it seems that he had no shame in really pushing the boundaries of genre, form and timbre. He also contributed hugely to what was quite possibly the most flamboyant courts in history (Versailles, under Louis XIV).

What's your number one listening tip?

Always listen critically. Not in a judgemental sense but with an enquiring mind. Questioning is what leads us to exciting discoveries!

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