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continuo n.
in Baroque music, the continuo (or basso continuo) instruments were used to support the harmony and to hold the ensemble together.

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How can I list my concert or event on Continuo Connect?If you already have an account on our Listings portal, please login there, or contact our support team for assistance. To apply for an account on our Listings portal, please contact us with details of your ensemble or organisation and the kinds of events you would like to list.
How can I create a profile for my group on Continuo Connect?

First you will need to complete our quick application form which will enable us to create an account on our Listings portal. To apply, please contact us and we'll send you the link.

Please note that we apply the following broad eligibility criteria:

  • You're applying as a professional artist
  • You're an early music artist
  • You've given at least 3 public professional early music performances (and/or you've released a commercial early music recording) in the last 12 months

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