Oxford Bach Soloists

The Oxford Bach Soloists (OBS) is a Baroque ensemble whose ambition is to perform, in sequence, the complete canon of J. S. Bach’s vocal works over 12 years. Founded by Tom Hammond-Davies (Artistic Director) in 2017, OBS offers a unique musical experience that converges composer, performer, and audience. The OBS’s mission is distinctive and pioneering; while there have been many recordings and performances of Bach’s complete vocal works, OBS is performing them chronologically, programmed in real-time, and set in the context for which they were conceived – for instance, as Bach would have with performers, instruments and venues that echo the university and churches of his hometown of Leipzig. Bach’s music is community music. He was part of an extended network of musicians in northern Germany and today, OBS champions our local students, scholars, players, and soloists.

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