Leamington Early Music Series

Leamington Music champions early music with an annual series that goes back some thirty years in the beautiful setting of St Mary's Church in Warwick.


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Leamington Music was launched in July 2006, and aims to maintain Leamington and district as a musical centre dedicated to promoting excellent music.

The 2023-2024 Early Music at St Mary’s Warwick series sees an even bigger time span than usual. It started with Ex Cathedra singing the Vespers of Rachmaninoff written in 1915 and goes back to the fourteenth century with Stile Antico – this equally wonderful ensemble bringing its programme inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. The Classical period is represented by Haydn with the Valencia Baryton Trio offering a rare opportunity to hear the exotic baryton played here and, for Baroque, we went to the Sun King’s reign in France with Ensemble Molière. A concert commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Byrd was always obligatoire and the Chelys Consort of Viols with mezzo Helen Charlston did this with great style. And, in welcoming back Joglaresa for the Christmas concert, we traveled all over the British Isles, harking back to various historical periods.

Past events


St Mary's Church, Warwick

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