Brighton Early Music Festival

Established in 2002, Brighton Early Music Festival organises a series of vibrant events in venues around Brighton & Hove. Our flagship event is our autumn Festival, taking place each October.


🍂Autumn festival

📅Fri 11 October 2024Sun 27 October 2024


Throughout the year, Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) contributes to the vibrant arts scene in Brighton and Hove through its programme of choral concerts, workshops and schools projects. The annual Festival takes place in late October and early November and has built a reputation for lively and inspired programming, often exploring connections with different art forms and using performance formats and spaces that challenge preconceptions of early music.

Stimulating new attitudes to music from the past...

Every year BREMF programmes around specific themes designed to stimulate new attitudes to approaching and presenting music from the past. Recent themes have included Across the Earth (2020/21) Myths & Legends (2021/22) and Transition (2022/23), in each case taking the theme as a starting point and developing programmes which explore it creatively.

Each Festival usually consists of around 20 events, grouped around three weekends in late October, with pre-festival events during September and early October offering opportunities to participate in workshops, find out more about programmes, and experience the Festival for the first time. Outside the Festival, BREMF regularly programmes events featuring its choirs and performing groups, as well as one-off concerts with invited ensembles.



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