Playlist - November 2023

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Playlist - November 2023
Continuo Connect in November

Check out our November 2023 playlist with a selection of recordings by artists featured on Continuo Connect in November - also available as a Spotify playlist.

Chaconne "Dance for a Chinese Man and Woman"

Henry Purcell

Music from Purcell's opera and Restoration spectaular, The Fairy Queen, Performed by Chelys Consort of Viols.

Why Do I Use My Paper, Ink and Pen?

William Byrd

Chelys Consort of Viols are joined by mezzo-soprano Helen Charlston in this intriguing song by William Byrd.

Artificiosus Concentus Pro Camera: I. Prelude

Johann Joseph Vilsmayr

Rachel Podger gives a solo violin performance of music by 17th century Austrian composer Johann Joseph Vilsmayr, who was also a violinst as well as a composer. This Prelude is from his only surviving work, Artificiosus Concentus Pro Camera, a collection of six partitas for solo violin.

Rekhtah - Sakia! Fusul beharust

William Hamilton Bird

Not to be confused with William Byrd, William Hamilton Bird was an Irish composer who was active in India during the time of the British East India Company, and a pioneer in transcribing Indian music into western notation. This song is taken from his 1789 collection, The Oriental Miscellany; being a collection of the most favourite airs of Hindoostan, compiled and adapted for the Harpsichord and is performed by harpsichordist Jane Chapman.

La Follia


A favourite from Vivaldi, from his Trio Sonata in D Minor (RV 63), known as 'La Follia.' The music is based on one of the oldest themes in European music, and also one of the most popular among composers, for at least 150 set it! Vivaldi's version is performed here by Florilegium.

Church Sonata in G Major


Mozart wrote seventeen sonate da chiesa or Church Sonatas, which were intended to be performed between the Epistle and Gospel during the celebration of the Mass. This G major Sonata (K274) is performed by the choir of Keble College, Oxford, with Instruments of Time and Truth, conducted by Paul Brough.

Cayósole al Alba

Juan de Araujo

More music from Florilegium, but this time from Bolivia, from the Archivo Musical de Chiquitos. This archive contains hundreds of pieces of music (some only fragments) dating from the early Christian missions to South America.

Ave Maria

Julije Skjavetić

The Marian Consort and Illyria Consort join forces on the album 'Adriatic Voyage', featuring 17th-century music "from Venice to Dalmatia". This track is by the Croatian composer Julije Skjavetić, remembered today for his madrigals.

Salve regina, salve mater

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Music from a Salve regina by the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which he composed for soprano Marie Fel in 1752, reportedly after having been very taken with her performance of the principal role in Rousseau's one-act opera Le devin du village. Performed here by Carolyn Sampson with Ex Cathedra.

Concerto á 5 for Oboe, Strings, and Basso Continuo in G Minor

Johann Christoph Pepusch

We wrap up the November 2023 Continuo Connect playlist with the Adagio from Pepusch's Concerto á 5 for Oboe, Strings, and Basso Continuo in G Minor, performed by the wonderfully named Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen with oboist Mark Baigent.

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