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English Haydn Orchestra

Grand Opening Symphony Concert

Grand Opening Symphony Concert

Supported by a grant from Continuo Foundation

Supported by Continuo Foundation

The Festival will open with the English Haydn Orchestra conducted by Steven Devine, presenting two Haydn symphonies, and excerpts from two of his operas, 'Orlando Paladino' and 'Armida.'

Symphony No 10 in D

Symphony No. 76 in Eb major

Orlando Paladino: An opera in three acts which was first performed at Eszterháza on 6 December 1782. The libretto by Nunziato Porta is inspired by Ariosto's epic poem Orlando furioso. The opera’s plot mixes heroic and comic elements. While in Prague, Mozart conducted a few performances of the opera. It was Haydn's most popular opera during his lifetime.

Armida: To prevent the capture of Jerusalem by the knights of the First Crusade, The Prince of Darkness has sent the enchantress Armida into the world to seduce the Christian heroes and turn them from their duty. The bravest of these, Rinaldo, has fallen under Armida's spell. She comes to love him so deeply that she cannot bring herself to destroy him.


St. Mary's Church, Bridgnorth
East Castle Street, Bridgnorth, WV16 4AL, United Kingdom

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