English Haydn Orchestra

The English Haydn Orchestra was set up in 1993 by local violinist John Reid in collaboration with eminent musicologist Professor Robbins Landon. The Orchestra seeks to promote the vast amount of wonderful music composed by Joseph Haydn and his friends and colleagues of the Classical period, which spanned the years from the mid eighteenth to the middle of the nineteenth century. (In terms of composers this would be from J. C. Bach to Felix Mendelssohn). The English Haydn Orchestra has focused on presenting the performances of both nationally and internationally acclaimed musicians to the residents of a rural area, and in so doing, to provide a platform for eighteenth century music in order to re-establish the value of Joseph Haydn’s composing skills.

The use of “period instruments“ was introduced in 1996 in order to provide audiences with the realistic sound of music by the Classical era composers, providing an interesting contrast to that of “conventional” instruments. Moreover, acclaimed period instrument musicians lead each section of the Orchestra, with internationally renowned violinist Simon Standage providing leadership, all under the baton of Steven Devine, who is internationally recognised for his conducting and fortepiano performances.

Newly discovered works by composers of the “Classical” period are introduced during the annual June Festival week, when the Orchestra forms the core of six days of period instrument performances by soloists and chamber groups, and an opportunity is provided for orchestra members to play concerti as soloists, thus expanding their repertoire and performance experience.

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