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Música d'Outrora

Across the Alps

Exploring the crossovers between France and Italy

Across the Alps

Supported by a grant from Continuo Foundation

Supported by Continuo Foundation

Across the Alps highlights the instrumental music composed in 17th to 18th Century Italy and France, when composers experimented with musical forms and explored individual instruments' technical possibilities and sonorities. These two countries stand as pillars of this extraordinary period in music history. The crossroads between these two musical traditions tell a captivating tale of cultural exchange, artistic dialogue, and mutual inspiration. This programme will take listeners on an unprecedented journey exploring the crossovers between French and Italian Baroque music and the harmonious fusion of these two musical worlds that bear the imprint of both French finesse and Italian ardour.


Arcangelo Corelli | Sonata Op.5 no.1 in D major
Louis de Caix d’Hervelois | Suite pour viole et basse continue in Re
Jean-Fery Rebel | Sonata no. 4 in e minor
Louis Joseph Francœur | Chaconne ‘que j'ai faitte pour donner a mon oncle’
Francesco Maria Veracini | Sonata in d minor, Op.2 No.12
Alessandro Stradella | sinfonia a tre in d minor
Arcangelo Corelli | Sonata in Op.5 No.12 in d minor ‘la folia’

  • 📅Sat 2 September 2023
  • 📍St Alban's Church, Birmingham
  • 🕑7:00pm
  • 🎫£15 (£10 student/concession)

St Alban's Church, Birmingham
Conybere Street, Birmingham, B12 0YE, United Kingdom

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