Música d'Outrora

Ensemble Personnel:
Christi Park: baroque violin
Timothy Lin: viola da gamba/violoncello
Pablo Devigo: harpsichord

Música d’Outrora (M d’O) is a three-piece chamber ensemble based in the United Kingdom, known for its diverse members hailing from varied musical backgrounds. With a specialisation in solo and chamber music of the early 17th Century Italian and the French Baroque, M d’O stands out for its imaginative programming that combines together both familiar and seldom-heard works from the Baroque period.
Drawing inspiration from original sources, the ensemble brings to life outstanding music from a bygone era, creating performances that unveil hidden gems rarely heard by contemporary audiences. Their passion for exploring the intricacies and nuances of early Baroque compositions adds a unique dimension to their performances, captivating listeners with a musical journey through time.
M d’O has received prominent recognition as a young rising early music ensemble, being featured among the select ensembles for the New Generation Baroque Ensembles hosted by BBC Radio 3 and Royal College of Music in February 2023 and selected for the 2023-2024 BREMF scheme for young artists. Recently they were selected as one of the Continuo Foundation grantees for their tour ‘Across the Alps’ and will also be performing at the Brighton Early Music Festival this coming October.

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