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Ibrahim Aziz

Viola da Gamba

I spend most of professional life either on the concert platform with various sizes of viola da gamba (‘viol’, or ‘gamba’ for short), or on early music courses and workshops, mostly in the UK but sometimes abroad as well. A lot of my work involves collaborating with other musicians in small groups, but I also occasionally perform on my own or with a continuo instrument. I love sharing the sound and repertory of my slightly niche instrument to audiences far and wide. I've recorded with many musicians and ensembles, and covered a wide range of repertory from Tudor, Jacobean, renaissance and baroque to contemporary, film music and even singer song writer! I also have two critically acclaimed solo albums to my name on First Hand Records. The American Record Guide calls me a musician with a ‘fine tone and technique, coupled with feeling and power’, but I don't take reviews personally myself. When not busy with the viol (or the piano – another story!) you might find me experimenting in the kitchen - with varying degrees of success!