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Phantasia - Albion's Delight

Supported by a grant from Continuo Foundation

Supported by Continuo Foundation

Phantasia are a dynamic and innovative music group specialising in art and folk music from the 17th – 19th centuries, played on period instruments. The members of Phantasia are internationally known and respected and have played/sang with many of the leading groups in their field all around the world, and have also had online success with videos gaining millions of views and going viral multiple times. Engaging with the audience is very important to Phantasia and performances always include explanations of the music and instruments being played.

The Albion’s Delight tour features a new and unique programme, focusing on British music at two different points in time – the late 18th century and early 21st century. Art and folk music from Georgian Britain (including songs from Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and a selection of Haydn’s wonderful Scottish and Welsh folksong arrangements) transitions to contemporary music inspired by landscapes and places of southern England, played on the same historical instruments. This concert features a wider variety of music than you would normally hear in one programme, and will also appeal to both classical and folk music lovers. Phantasia are delighted to work with soprano Angela Hicks for this project, a star of the early music world who has an incredible clear voice perfectly suited to this music. She is also an experienced folk singer.

  • 📅Thu 27 June 2024Fri 9 August 2024
  • 5 performances


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