Concerts at the National Musicians' Church

Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque concerts in the outstanding acoustics of Holy Sepulchre, the National Musicians' Church.


🎉Throughout the year



Part of our vision as ‘the Musicians’ Church’ is to be a place where “excellence in music is used to the glory of God.” The primary focus of that is in using and enabling musical gifts in our worship, and Holy Sepulchre has an outstanding professional choir.

We also host regular concerts, with a variety of different outside groups taking part. This season, the lunchtime concerts of Music-at-Hill Concert Society will take place at Holy Sepulchre.

Holy Sepulchre is also home to a new harpsichord, purchased for use in concerts and rehearsals by baroque ensembles. The details of this instrument are as follows:

- Flemish single manual by Robert Goble & Sons 1975 after Ruckers 1637
- GG-f3 (no GG at A415), 2 x 8', 1 x 4' and buff. Converted to transpose A415/440
- Length c2.05m, width 0.89m Four leg trestle stand that may be bolted to the case.
- Integral folding music desk and hinges lid stick.
- Voiced in Delrin (2018) and strung with Malcolm Rose wire throughout (2018)


Holy Sepulchre Church, Holborn Viaduct

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