The OAE introduces...

From the Baroque recorder to the Baroque spoons

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The OAE introduces... - From the Baroque recorder to the Baroque spoons
Tabea Debus (credit OAE)

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment presents a series of videos introducing many of the interesting and unusual instruments commonly found in early music.

Introducing the Baroque Recorder

Introducing the Baroque Recorder, with Tabea Debus.

Introducing the French Bassoon

Nowadays, the bassoon you are likely to see in an orchestra is the German bassoon. But did you know there is also a French bassoon? Chris Rawley introduces us to the differences between the two and why for certain repertoire, the French bassoon is ideal.

Introducing Handel's Tenor

Ian Bostridge, described as having a “silver tone,” talks about the origins of the tenor and the walks that Handel walked around London.

Introducing the Baroque Guitar

Theorbo and baroque guitar player, Sergio Bucheli, takes us through the development of the baroque guitar, its various playing styles, the music that was written for it and its influence on Latin American folk traditions.

Jürgen Krauss Introduces the Stadtpfeiffer

Just in case you didn't know, former Great British Bake Off contestant Jürgen Krauss won the hearts of millions of viewers as he showcased his astounding abilities on national TV. As a man of many talents, Jürgen embarks on many activities around his passions of bread-making, physics and (last but not yeast), music.

Introducing the Cor Anglais

Oboe player Leo Duarte explores the origins of this dark-toned oboe that steals your heart every time it appears - best known for its solo in the Largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

Introducing the Chalumeau

Katharine Spencer tells us all about the beautiful and mysterious single reed instrument, the chalumeau.

Introducing the Baroque Theorbo

Lutenist Elizabeth Kenny explains how and why the theorbo was developed in the 17th century, what it was used for, and what it's like to carry it around on the train.

Introducing the Cornett

Richard Thomas introduces us to the cornett and explains how and why it became one of the most popular instruments in Europe.

Introducing Beethoven's Contrabassoon

What is this big beast of the orchestra, and where did it come from? David Chatterton introduces the contrabassoon as heard in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and Haydn's The Creation.

Introducing the Oboe da Caccia

Principal Oboe Katharina Spreckelsen explores the mystery of the peculiar-looking baroque instrument, the oboe da caccia.

Introducing the Sackbut

Sagbutt? Sacabuche?! Shackbussh? ...Shagbolt? What is this thing and why does it look and sound so different from its modern cousin, the trombone? Phil Dale explains it all!

Introducing Mozart's Clarinet

Principal Clarinet Antony Pay takes us through the staple instrument of the time - the 5 key clarinet, and shows us the type of basset clarinet he believes enables you to play Mozart's Clarinet Concerto best.

Introducing the Violoncello da Spalla

Sigiswald Kuijken talks about and demonstrates the now 'extinct' violoncello da spalla (essentially a cello played under one's chin) in advance of a performance with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

Introducing the Baroque Flute

Meet the flute that OAE Principal Lisa Beznosiuk uses for playing Bach, Handel, Rameau.

Introducing Mozart's Fortepiano

Introducing the predecessor of the modern piano, the fortepiano. OAE Principal keyboard Steven Devine shows us the instrument Mozart would have played towards the end of his life.

Introducing the Baroque Cello

"If you think of it like peanut butter, gut strings would be the rough kind with bits, when you feel more of the original material” - OAE Co-Principal Cello Luise Buchberger introduces the Baroque Cello.

Introducing the Oboe d'amore

OAE principal flute, Lisa Beznosiuk, teaches us about the development of the flute, and explains why Beethoven played such a key role in these changes.

Introducing the Baroque Spoons

A quick history of the Baroque era's most under-appreciated instrument by John-Henry Baker, OAE Principal Spoon Player.

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