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The Young Händel and his Masters

The Young Händel and his Masters

The musical activity of Georg Friedrich Handel was revealed at an early age, even so, his father, Georg Handel the elder, had different plans in mind, and would rather have seen his son a lawyer rather than a musician, trying to thwart the young Handel’s artistic ambitions. According to legend, the ambitious youth bought a small, second-hand clavichord on which he would practice in the attic secretly. Later on, Handel applied for the faculty of law but would only stay for a year after which he openly declared for music. The composer brought with himself the sheet music book from his youth to London containing the works of well-known keyboard music composers, compiled with the help of the late master, Zachow. This collection proved to be a source of inspiration even in Handel’s later years.


Handel Hendrix House
Brook Street, London, W1K 4HE, United Kingdom

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