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Rivers Are Roads That Move

...and that carry us wherever we want to go.

Pierre Jacquemont (recitation), Robin Troman (recorders), Thierry Meunier (baroque lute)
Rivers Are Roads That Move

A choice of Pensées by Blaise Pascal, ordered and set to stage by Robin Troman, spoken (in French) by Pierre Jacquemont. Interspersed with music by Louis Couperin, Ennemond Gautier, Pierre Gautier and Jacob Van Eyck, played by Robin Troman, recorders, and Thierry Meunier, baroque lute.

One day around 1660, two musicians arrive unexpectedly at Blaise Pascal's house, to spend a musical, philosophical and friendly evening. Pascal has just started to put some order into his manuscripts. The three men are going to exchange ideas, music, memories. Then appears the figure of a sensitive Pascal, attentive to men, lucid, disillusioned and often desperate, but always human. The musical breathing allows the text to resonate in the mind of the spectator, and the music of Couperin and Gautier has been shaped so much by the natural rythm and intonation of the French langage, that the superb pascalian phrase, in turn, illuminates it with all its beauty.


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