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Musica Antica Rotherhithe

Il Gran Capitano della Morte

Or, Death's Great Captain

Emma-Lisa Roux (soprano & lute), Camilla Seale (mezzo soprano), Tristram Cooke (countertenor), Oliver Doyle (tenor/harpsichord), Joachim Sabbat (bass), Sarah Small (viols), Peter Martin (lute)
Il Gran Capitano della Morte

Influenced by Director Oliver Doyle's doctoral research on music, lifestyle and ethics in fifteenth and early-sixteenth century Italy, this concert presents a soundscape of Florence from the end of the primacy of Lorenzo the Magnificent, through the brutal rise and fall of the preacher Girolamo Savonarola, and into the restoration of the Medici at the start of the sixteenth century.

Contrasting the amorous - sometimes scandalous - nature of secular music of the period with the complete rejection of most forms of music by Savonarola (architect of the Bonfire of the Vanities), this programme combines jewels of fifteenth century polyphony, simple plainchant and laude with secular lute songs and carnival music preserved in a songbook owned by a young Florentine woman, Marietta Pugi, at the start of the sixteenth century. It is a pleasure to be joined by Emma-Lisa Roux, who will perform these in the manner in which Marietta might have: self accompanied on the lute. This is the fourth concert of Musica Antica's 2024 Season.

​As ever, a bar selling wine, soft drinks and Holy Trinity's famous home-infused gins will be open from 7pm.


Johannes Ockeghem: Ma bouche rit, Meschine su chut
Johannes Martini: Missa Ma bouche rit
Alexander Agricola: Fortuna desperata
Alexander Coppinus: Lanzi man star cozone
Anonymous: Io sono il Gran Capitano della Morte
Heinrich Isaac: Quis dabit caput meo aquam (lament for Lorenzo de' Medici)
Plainsong: Ecce Quam Bonum
Josquin: Parfons regretz, Nymphes, nappés

  • 🎉Musica Antica Rotherhithe 2024 Season
  • 📅Sun, 27 October 2024
  • 📍Holy Trinity Church, Rotherhithe
  • 🕑7:30pm
  • 🎫£10 (£2 under-18s, students and jobseekers)

Holy Trinity Church, Rotherhithe
3 Bryan Road, London, SE16 5HB, United Kingdom

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