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Mahan Esfahani

Mahan Esfahani – Invention and Imagination

Mahan Esfahani – Invention and Imagination

Mahan Esfahani – harpsichord

Invention and Imagination

W F Bach – Fantasia in E minor, Fk. 3

J S Bach – Partita IV in D major, BWV 828

J Pachelbel – Chaconne in F minor

C P E Bach – Fantasia II C major, Wq. 59/6

C P E Bach – Sonata A major, Wq. 55/4

Mahan Esfahani explores some of the greatest keyboard music of the late Baroque. The programme juxtaposes works by Bach, his sons and their contemporary, Pachelbel. Elegant dances, inventive variations and expressive virtuosity come together as we immerse ourselves in this voyage through keyboard imagination and invention.


Gresham's School, Holt
Grove Lane, Holt, NR25 6EA, United Kingdom

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