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London Handel Orchestra

Music for Royal Spaces

Adrian Butterfield, London Handel Orchestra, London Handel Singers
Music for Royal Spaces

Handel’s music and life is inextricably linked with the British Monarchy. He had a particularly close association with the Chapel Royal, a setting in which a great number of liturgical works were first performed. The music written for the Chapel Royal has a special place in Handel’s canon and has a regal quality that is seldom heard elsewhere in his compositions.

LHF Associate Musical Director Adrian Butterfield leads this programme written for the Chapel Royal, performed in the sublime King’s Chapel of the Savoy with choristers from the Chapel. This is a unique opportunity to hear this music sung by the same number of musicians for which it was written and by performers associated with the British Monarchy.


The King's Chapel of The Savoy, London
Savoy Hill House, Savoy Hill, London, WC2R 0DA, United Kingdom