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In Echo


Italian Transformations

Gawain Glenton (cornetto), Oliver Webber (violin, viola), Rachel Byrt (viola), Gavin Kibble (viol), William Hunt (viol, violone), Emily White, Adam Crighton (sackbuts), Silas Wollston (keyboards)

The Renaissance courts of Northern Italy were home to a playful musical culture in which madrigals were passed between friends, sometimes with knowing references to mutual acquaintances. The resulting imitations, parodies and transformations of these originals were created in the spirit of homage or witty riposte, and in this concert we hear friendly exchanges involving Van Eyck, Arcadelt, Rore, Striggio, Bassano, Banchieri and others.


St Lawrence Church, York
18 Lawrence Street, York, YO10 3, United Kingdom