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Handel in the Strand

Handel in the Strand

"Handel on the Strand" celebrates the musical life of eighteenth-century London. In the early 1700s, London was quickly becoming the musical hub of Europe, attracting the great Handel himself, alongside a multitude of French and Italian musicians who seized the opportunity to play in London's thriving theatre district. In this programme we capture the spirit of music-making across the city, from theatres to taverns and music in the home. On the Strand, the most vibrant of London's thorough-fares, and home to most of London's famous music shops and print houses, John Walsh first produced Handel's trio sonatas and Corelli's ever-popular Op. 5 violin sonatas. Only a matter of streets away, Scottish entrepreneurial musicians like James Oswald set up their own music shops along the Strand, feeding the craze for Scottish music in the capital.


Assembly Rooms
SK17 6BH, Buxton, United Kingdom

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