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Charles VII, Music Lover

Clémence Niclas (voice, recorders) Louise Bouedo-Mallet (vielle) Marie-Domitille Murez (gothic harp) Clément Stagnol (medieval lute)
Charles VII, Music Lover

The presence in the records of Johannes Ockeghem as a “cantor and chaplain” at the King’s Chapel in 1453 testifies to Charles VII’s interest in music, as well as in the new generation of Franco-Flemish composers. Better known for his liturgical music, Ockeghem also wrote about 20 songs of extreme refinement and creativity. The concert features these alongside important contemporaries such as Binchois, Dufay and Busnois.

Apotropaïk were winners of the YEMF Friends prize in the 2021 Competition. Their concert in York last summer was a sell-out, and we are delighted to welcome them back to the city for this mini-residency.


Holy Trinity Church, York
Micklegate, York, YO1 6LE, United Kingdom

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