Sonia Hrechorowicz


Sonia Hrechorowicz, born in 1992 in Sweden, is a polish harpsichordist specialised in early music. After studying piano she obtained a bachelor's diploma in harpsichord and theory of music from Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw with prof Leszek Kedracki and Alina Ratkowska and continued the harpsichord courses at the Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado with Maurizio Croci.
She has completed her studies with a master degree in music performance at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Geneve with Kenneth Weiss exploring also the technique of the clavichord with Pierre Goy and organ with Alessio Corti.
She has won the 1st prize ex aequo at the 8th International Early Music Competition "Maurizio Pratola" as a member of the ensemble “Le suonatrici itineranti”.
She was also selected for the scholarship of the Swiss foundation Pro Libertas et Humanitas Bartkowiak.
She has collaborated with various events and institutions of the classical and early music such as MiTo Settembremusica, Les Voix du Prieure, L’Opera-studio de Geneve, Les Arts Lyriques & Cie, Polish Foundation of the Culture, Espurnes Barroques, European Union Young Orchestra, Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra.
She has participated in masterclasses with Mitzi Meyerson, Jorg Halubek, Marcin Szelest, Marco Vitale and Francesco Baroni.
She is also regularly active as an accompanist for baroque opera singers’ class at the Scuola Civica di Musica in Milan working with Sonia Tedla and collaborating with Sonia Prina at the Verona Accademia per l’Opera.