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We are Figure, a forward-thinking historical performance ensemble, committed to reaching new and existing audiences through immersive musical experiences.

Founded in 2021, in the wake of the pandemic, our vision has been shaped by a burning desire to bring music back to live audiences; to offer more than be consumed at home, and to break free from traditional formalities. Figure aims to improve access to Classical music by presenting more than just concerts, but experiences, as well as through offering reduced-price tickets and taking our music to a range of stimulating and welcoming venues.

Creating experiences is central to our work as a ‘historical performance’ ensemble. We are dedicated to transporting audiences to the time of the music's creation, but our endeavour reaches far beyond recreating a historical sound. Figure works imaginatively to immerse audiences in the context, atmosphere and original passion of the music: be it fashioning a secular liturgy to accompany a sacred Requiem; reuniting court music with comedic entertainment; or just in the way that the musicians are placed in the space around the audience, with no barriers to feeling, articulacy and power.

As an ensemble of young, early-career musicians, we represent a new generation of historical performance, keen to demonstrate that a historical approach can be applied to music from across the Classical repertoire, from Bach to Britten. We believe that through this historical, yet creative and immersive approach, any music of the past can be rendered more engaging, more accessible and more meaningful.

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