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Fieri Consort

With no conductor dividing singers from the audience, Fieri craft immersive and inventive performances that dive deep into the rich world of 16th and 17th-century Italian music. Sometimes a cappella, sometimes accompanied by early instruments, their interpretations reflect the collective expertise and passion of the group for this incredible repertoire.

What does Fieri mean?

As a group of 9 singers based in London and Brussels, they met many years ago training on the Genesis Sixteen scheme run by Harry Christophers and The Sixteen. Here is where their motivation to sing consort music was born - the ‘genesis’! - and so Fieri came into being, meaning ‘to become’. It has become a vehicle to explore their collective musical interests. Steered by artistic director, Hannah Ely, Fieri aim to constantly develop as singers and researchers, continuing to ‘become’ relevant musicians in this lively early music world.

“Their glowing sound enhances performances of sheer delight.”

— Choir & Organ Magazine


  • In 2022, Fieri gave the modern world premiere of Maddalena Casulana’s 5-voice book of madrigals, recently rediscovered by Professor Laurie Stras. The concert was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 as well as several other international stations through the European Broadcasting Network. These madrigals will be released in 2024 on their sixth album The Excellence of Women.

  • In 2021, they collaborated with the acclaimed filmmaker Sophia Carr-Gomm to create a film for a commissioned piece by Ben Rowarth, 'A Short Walk’.

  • In 2019, marked their Wigmore Hall debut as part of Dame Emma Kirkby’s 70th birthday celebrations. In the same year they also premiered an ambitious play, a tribute to the life and music of Barbara Strozzi, in collaboration with Wise Child Theatre.

  • In 2017, they received the Cambridge Prize at the York Early Music Festival. Since then, they’ve released five albums, each met with wonderful praise. Their debut album, 'Tears of a Lover,' earned the title 'Choral Choice' of the month from BBC Music Magazine. Their most recent release in 2022 showcases the music of Marenzio, complemented by a captivating animated illustration by the talented artist Eleanor Meredith. Learn more about this mesmerizing collaboration in 'The Destined Knot.'

  • In 2014, Fieri participated in the Young Artist’s Programme, Bremf Live!, curated by the Brighton Early Music Festival. That same year marked their inaugural international tour to Australia, where they collaborated with local singers, and befriended audiences in Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane. Their return in 2017 for a second tour was a wonderful experience, and they’re currently planning a third trip to Australia.

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