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Archaedium was founded by Mary Mohan through a love of all things historic and musical. As a group Archaedium specialises in historically informed concerts and costumed musical performance for heritage events, dances and private functions. The group specialises in repertoire from the 13th and 14th centuries, performing on authentic instruments.

Archaedium is a flexible group based in the Midlands, with 2 core members - Mary Mohan (founder, director & bowed strings specialist) and Jude Rees (woodwind specialist), along with several freelance associates, giving us scope to provide clients with exactly what they want.

"We saw this wonderful band at Pendennis Castle today and thoroughly enjoyed listening to their beautiful music."

"Me and my friend enjoyed it so much yesterday in Brecon (we saw the early set) it was absolutely brilliant. I never knew I would enjoy something like that so much but you were both so engaging and funny."

  • Mary Mohan
    Cello, Viola da Gamba, Viols, Vielle, Voice
  • Jude Rees
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