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The Ministers of Pastime Online

Phantastic Kapellmeisters: The Music of 17th century Vienna.

Ignacio Ramal, Angela Moro, Sara Balasch (violins), Alaia Ferran (viola), Clara Pouvreau (cello), Marc de la Linde (gamba), Jussif Barakat (double bass), Jeremy Nastasi (lute/theorbo), Joan Segui (organ/harpsichord)
The Ministers of Pastime Online
Phantastic Kapellmeisters

The music of 17th century Vienna There are moments and places in history in which, despite the prevalence of political, military, and religious conflicts, an artistic movement arises and the 17th century court of the Hapsburgs in Vienna saw such a flourishing of culture known as ‘stylus phantasticus’.

Instrumental ensemble The Ministers of Pastime trace the history of this thrilling new style in the works of Schmelzer, Bertali and Valentini.

“…their approach, conviction and energy are as surprising as they are contagious…” Mario Guada, Codalario

Available to watch on demand from Friday 15 December 2.00pm – Wednesday 31 January.

  • 🎉York Early Music Christmas Online Festival
  • 📅Fri, 15 December 2023
  • 📍
  • 🕑2:00pm
  • 🎫£10 (box set of 10 concerts £50)

This online event has already taken place.